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His Faithful Squire

Written by KD Sarge

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Sequel to Knight Errant

Former joy-boy Rafe Ballard will miss living on the freighter Pendragon's Dream. Under the watchful eye of Captain Eve Marcori, Marine veteran, no one beat him. He ate well, his life was rarely in danger, and—most important by far—he spent much of his days and all the glorious nights with his beloved Taro. Unfortunately, energetic Taro wants to take on the galaxy without his sister the captain standing by, and Rafe won't be left behind.

He's learned enough to get a real job so he won't be a burden. Taro is beyond capable of keeping him safe. What could go wrong?

With a Marcori in the picture, lots. By the explosive end of his first job, Taro needs back-up. Rafe is all there is.

Hedonist, layabout, and mooch he may be, but Rafe is also deeply in love. For Taro he'll surprise everyone—especially himself.


What are readers saying?

Excellent continuation of Rafe and Taro's story begun in Knight Errant, and this time we get to see it all from Rafe's POV. Again, there's great characterization and lots of insight, even more impressive, because the one having the insights has no idea he's insightful. Terrific characters making their way through an interesting and well-paced story, and though there was a very satisfying conclusion, I was still sorry to see it end. I hope this series goes on and on. Carole Cummings on Goodreads

The book drew me in, and once I picked it up I had a hard time putting it down. I loved seeing more of Taro and Rafe and I hope there'll be more of them (or the rest of awesome crew of Pendragon's Dream) in the future. Lire on Amazon

What stood out most to me about this book is how the relationship between Taro and Rafe is presented. It is different from a lot of books in that the relationship starts out established, but also provides a lot of conflict and tension. It's obvious that Taro and Rafe are head over heels for one another, barely able to keep their hands off each other and terrified of letting one another down -- but that doesn't make them both immune to seeing each other's faults. Just like real people, Taro and Rafe annoy, frustrate and anger one another, seeing both the worst in each other as well as the best.

Rafe and Taro meet a lot of characters as they move from job to job, and every last one is constructed believably and realistically. Being main characters of a novel doesn't entitle them to the help of other characters, who live their own lives and have their own wants and desires, and Rafe and Taro both have to bear the consequences for their actions, whether deserved or not. Dusty on Goodreads

His Faithful Squire is a wonderful book, written from the point of view of the very chatty and personable Rafe. If you're ever been dissatisfied by a "happily ever after" ending, you'll appreciate this look at a relationship that's not exactly new, but is undergoing new stresses. And both parties need to learn how to adapt individually and to work together as a couple. If you've read Knight Errant, the first book in this series, you'll enjoy seeing memories from Rafe's perspective, but if you're new to this universe and this author, His Faithful Squire is an excellent and very welcoming starting point. Beccaie Jamieson on Smashwords

Excellent m/m scifi romance continuing the story of Taro and Rafe as they leave Taro's sister's ship in order to make their own way. While Knight Errant was told from Taro's point-of-view, this one's told from Rafe's... and he's not quite as focused as Taro. :) egret17 on LibraryThing