Knight Errant

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Taro’s got a secret…

Taro Hibiki owes his new sister, former Marine Eve Marcori, more than just his life. She’s given him everything—a home, a family, a future—and she’s working on sending him to college. Taro would rather be shot, but he’ll honor his debt or die trying.

When Taro’s honor—and the rest of him—meet Rafe Ballard, death just might be the outcome. Rafe threatens everything Taro has come to rely on, and he’s not even trying.

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 What are readers saying?

“Things go from bad to worse for Taro as he tries to work out how to deal with Rafe and all the complications he brings, and watching him deal with slime, fools, killer furry things, and himself is great fun. Plenty of reasons to read ‘just one more chapter’ and I hope you didn’t have anything planned for the evening.” TBlake, Barnes and Noble

“Through bar fights, kidnapping, survival on a poisoned planet, first love, and dealing with Eve’s expectations, Taro learns to stand up for who he is and what he wants. It’s a great tale once the action starts and I loved the happy for now ending, promising a sequel in 2011. Well written and very creative! I will certainly want to read more.” DianeYu, LibraryThing

“Fantastic book full of madcap adventure that will keep you hooked. What makes K.D.’s stories are her characters- passionate people who resonate within the mind and leap right off the page.” K.A. Levingston, Goodreads

“Many authors write other characters as cardboard extras in their novels – but you won’t find it in Knight Errant, from the jumpy Donte, a vicious (and yet caring) Eve and the gentle Ben. They interact as real people do, and you can see, clear as day, what drives them all no matter how little you may see them for, which truly immerses you in a world in which a story happens to take place, instead of merely a story.” Dusty, Goodreads

“The story is so well written that I easily forgot that the book followed a gay couple. The gender of the Taro and Rafe took a sideline to the budding romance between the too characters. Knight Errant was easily one of the best books I’ve read in a while. It’s a must read for any looking for a true romance novel.” Tanja, LibraryThing

“This was an excellent book. One of the best books I have ever read. Once I sat down and started reading it, it was very hard to pull away from it. I found it very entrancing and the story kept me on my feet.” djemery59, LibaryThing

“I give the book top marks and I INSIST that people who love sci-fi and don’t mind the fact that Taro just happens to be gay should get a chance to read this.  Even if you do mind the fact that Taro is gay, I still highly recommend it.  It’s an awesome story, no matter who Taro loves in the end.” Annikka Woods, Books in the Woods

“The story is well-written, entertaining, and full of action, humor, and all the other emotions in the spectrum. But what really makes this book special are the compelling characters. From the moment I met Taro and Rafe, I couldn’t get enough. And before I was halfway through, I was brought to tears by– well, I can’t spoil it for you, can I?” Kimberly K Moor, Amazon

“I have the paperback format of the book, and every time I see it on my desk, I open it up to reread one of my favorite scenes. But that reminds me of another favorite, and then another, and soon I’m flipping to the beginning of the book to reread the whole thing. That way I get all of my favorites in order.” Bea, Amazon

Knight Errant is a great book, and Taro and Rafe are a great couple. Watching Taro accept who he is (not the co-ed type) and who he wants (definitely the Rafe type) is thoroughly entertaining. The secondary characters are just as colorful as Taro and Rafe. And, as much as I love a naughty book, I didn’t miss the sex scenes.” Kerry Freeman, KF Writes Books

“What made this story a lot of fun for me was that there was a great deal of character growth and exploration of feelings, which I like, but it was all mixed in with plenty of action and adventure. Things don’t slow down for a second in this book, which kept me turning the pages compulsively. It’s a long book but I read it twice in three days—in other words, I couldn’t put it down.” Leslie, on Reviews by Jessewave

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