Hidden Worlds

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The greatest part of belonging to the Spork Room – a magical writing community – is the Door, through which all stories ever written and yet to be written come to life. There is only one rule: Always tell someone before you go through.

But Margery is in a tough place in her story and she really needs to know how this scene goes. No one’s around. Surely it won’t hurt anything to go in by herself just for a few minutes…

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What are readers saying?

“Ever wonder what it is like when authors work with their characters? They have to know their personalities, their pasts and their emotions. When Margery encounters a magical writing community known as The Spork Room, she finds a solution to the pirate story she’s writing. That solution is the Door, a portal the writers can go through to see their stories come to life. Margery doesn’t get one of the other writers to stand watch when she goes in to get a look at her character Cass. Soon a malevolent force is released and the worlds within the Door become unstable and start to collapse. Margery needs to find a solution and get out with only Cass and the unflappable Someone, a character of many talents used by the writers in distress.

Hidden Worlds is a quick, entertaining read that will especially appeal to those who enjoy parallel worlds.” Sarah, Amazon

“I loved this story. I couldn’t put it down, when I had other things I really needed to be doing.” KD Sarge, Amazon

“Ever wonder how a writer practices his or her craft? How a story begins as a seed inside their head, yearning to break free, and ultimately leaping onto the page? Margery is a writer just beginning to spread her wings. As she begins to write, she finds herself transported into a world of pirates, ancient civilizations, and magical treasures. Along the way, she will meet fellow authors, her protagonist and a reluctant hero who will help her fix the troubles she’s caused, and find a rewarding ending to her story.” Dave_W, Barnes and Noble

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