Who is Erin Zarro?

Erin Zarro is an indie novelist and poet living in Michigan. She’s married to her Prince Charming, and she has a feline child named Hailey who she’s convinced is part vampire. She loves all things scary and spooky, and is on a mission to scare herself, as nothing lately has scared her. She writes in the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Her first published novel, Fey Touched, is a blend of sci-fi and fantasy. She is currently working on Book 3 of her Fey Touched series, Ever Touched, and is trying to stay out of trouble. Mostly. Her website is at erinzarro.com.


Erin is in charge of marketing here at Turtleduck Press.

Works by Erin Zarro on Turtleduck Press


Changeling – Part 3: The Faerie Shadow – Maria discovers that she has a shadow.

Changeling – Part 2: The Faerie Dance – Something strange happens to Maria while she is dancing in Faerie.

Changeling – Part 1: The Faerie Lights – Maria follows the lights and ends up in Faerie.

Warped – There is something odd about Andi’s new workplace.

Grave Touched Teaser – Teaser for Grave Touched

The Contract – You should always read the fine print.

Fey Touched Teaser – Teaser for Fey Touched

The Penitent – Some promises are not worth the price.


Where to find Erin Zarro on the web

Email: erin@erinkendall.com
Website: erinkendall.com
Twitter: ekendall
Blog: Weaver of Words

Works for purchase by Erin Zarro

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