Seasons Eternal

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Seasons Eternal: Stories of a World Frozen in Time

Imagine a world where the seasons are frozen in place. How does a land change when the seasons stay the same?

Turtleduck Press releases our second anthology, featuring Kit Campbell, Siri Paulson, Erin Zarro, and KD Sarge. Proceeds benefit UNICEF.

The Wasteland: After an airship crash in a land charred by summer, two very different people must learn from each other to survive.

Stasis: In a world where it is eternally autumn, a lonely woman escapes to virtual reality where she can command the seasons. She finds her deceased husband there and refuses to leave.

The Hope of Spring: When danger comes over the glacier to threaten her tribe, Shishiri fights and wins. But she can’t fight the glacier itself.

A Chance of Change: Spring, a time of renewal and life. It’s something that should belong to everyone–isn’t it?

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