Introducing Seasons Eternal

We’re thrilled to present our second Turtleduck Press anthology, Seasons Eternal: Stories of a World Frozen in Time.

Our first anthology, Winter’s Night, came out last year. We picked the theme of winter and wrote four stories set in different worlds.

For this year’s anthology, the four of us chose a shared premise to explore: a planet where the seasons stopped changing a century earlier. Each of us picked a season to write about. But we didn’t set strict parameters for the planet’s history or geography or even physics. We thought we’d end up with a more interesting variety of stories if the rules of the world were left open-ended…and we were right.

One of the stories is set in a post-apocalyptic steampunk world. One takes place mostly in virtual reality, but with a magical realism feel. One is set in a technologically advanced but dystopian society. And one is set in a low-tech fantasy world with magic.

Our characters include a farmer’s grandson, a lonely widow, a scientist, and a tribal chief. Our themes range from hope to loss. But each story explores stasis or “stuckness” from a different angle.

You get the idea. Each of us has different strengths as a writer, and we’d like to think that our anthology showcases these strengths, and delivers a seriously entertaining read to boot.

And as a bonus, we’re donating most of the proceeds to UNICEF.

Skeptical? Interested? Undecided? Here’s a free sample on Smashwords.

Seasons Eternal is available for Kindle or your ebook format of choice, with a print version coming soon. You can read more about it here.

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