Just When You Thought I’d Found My Niche…


Alternatively titled Why the main character of Captain’s Boy isn’t gay when the rest of the main characters in the Dream’verse are. I’ve had a few readers express surprise at this choice, so I thought I’d address the situation here.

Remember way back when, at the very beginning of Turtleduck Press? I wrote the “About Us” copy, and I said “writers don’t like to write in boxes.”

That’s why.

Well, I guess I can expand on that.

Looking at everything I’ve ever finished, I can see that I enjoy writing relationships where no one involved knows “the rules.” Or perhaps I should say, the roles. In the first and second (still unpublished) novels in the Dream’verse, Eve is the fierce protector of kind, nurturing Ben. In Captain’s Boy, the third novel† in the Dream’verse, Donte and Selene—well, carefully vague so as not to spoil things, but Selene is also the protector, though Donte is the more skilled fighter.

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