For Love of a Good Read

I love to read. I love to curl up in an armchair with a mug of cocoa and an enjoyable book and while away the afternoon in the middle of someone else’s adventure.

I’m pretty sure most writers (and bibliophiles of all sorts) do as well. (“I hate books, so I’m going to be a writer,” said no one ever.)

That’s why I’m so excited that we’re opening up for submissions tomorrow!

Part of the perks of being part of Turtleduck Press is getting to read stories I may not have otherwise, whether it’s a short or a novel or a poetry chapbook. And as we approach our three year anniversary (I know! I can’t believe it either!), I look back at what we’ve put out with pride and a little bit of awe.

And I’m excited for the new stories I’m going to get to read as we welcome new members into our fold. If our current body of work is anything to go off of, I’m going to have lots of good stuff to curl up with in the near future.

How could I not be excited about that? I have my armchair and cocoa ready and waiting.

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  1. Well, I’m looking forward to sending a few stories the way of TDP. Going to scan the sight a little to look for submission guidelines. Take care!

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