When the Muse Takes Over


Like many writers, I haven’t always had the friendliest relationship with my muses.

Actually, that’s a very diplomatic (and less than honest) way to put it. I’ve been known to throw bricks at them. I have threatened them with fire, called them obscene names, and sang a certain unmentionable song from a certain DisneyWorld ride at them over and over and over until they coughed up a scene I wanted.

Yes, it’s childish, but they started it.

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5 Books That Blew My Mind

Thought I’d talk about books. I am a voracious reader. I’ve been known to read 3-4 books at one time, and devour 700+ page books in a few days. I read fast. (And, yes, I retain it all). I figure it this way: I don’t think I’ll ever be able to read my entire TBR pile in a lifetime, so I will read as many as I can as often as I can and see what happens. (Yeah, we’ll see how that goes. I’ve got bookcases and shelves filled with actual paperbacks and hardcovers, at least half that I haven’t read yet, and at least 2,000 ebooks on my Kindle. And that is growing daily).

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Time to Hit the Books

Happy September! Here in Toronto, Canada, we’ve just come off a sweltering Labour Day long weekend…but even still, whenever the wind blew, there was the faintest of chills in the air. Autumn is coming. The biggest sign of this: all across Canada, Labour Day means back to school.

Mind you, nobody in my household actually attends or works at a school. But I’ve never lost the sense that September marks a new year, a new beginning. (I celebrate January 1, too. Why not have an opportunity for two fresh starts a year?) Now is the time to step out of vacation mode (or “spend the glorious summer weekends pretending you’re on vacation” mode, as the case may be) and move into Getting Stuff Done.

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When the World Was Young

When the World Was Young
by Kit Campbell


In the early days, when the sky was clear and we were still part of nature, there were no mountains and no valleys. The world was flat and unmarked, unscathed by the passage of time. The first people spent their days next to quiet rivers and hunted across verdant plains, and life was peaceful and meaningful.

I know what you are expecting, child. You are expecting a classic creation myth, full of gods and the forces of nature, pulling at the land and mankind until what we know now comes into existence. This is not that sort of story. Oh, I wish it were, but alas, our past cannot be explained away so easily.

In those days, we had few cares. We hunted and scavenged when hungry. We slept when tired. We admired the scenery around us and, at night, watched the streaking of the stars across the sky. In the winter we gathered together for warmth, and in the summer we lay out in the flowers.

Who can say when things began to change? Who can say when exactly it was that they came?

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