Dieting: Third Time’s the Charm?


Oh man, sweets. I am a certifiable chocolate-holic and baked goods addict: donuts, cake, pie, brownies — if it’s baked and it tastes good, I’m there. And naturally, working in foodservice has a bit of a crappy side effect. You see, we sample stuff. Mostly pizza-related stuff like dough and pepperoni, but sometimes sweets, too. We once had a cannoli line. And once we taste tasted pies. And cakes. And…well, being that I sit all day at the office and I lead a pretty sedentary life, I’ve put on some weight.

Okay. Quite a lot of weight. (In fact, the joke when I started working for this company was, “Heh, you’ll gain 25 pounds your first year here.” I thought it was a joke. Nope. It was the truth. I’ve been there for almost 15 years now….)

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