Last Traditions Standing

I have a very dear and marvelous friend whom I invite for Thanksgiving very early each year–like, in February if not sooner. I always want to get that invitation in early so she can truthfully say “oh, I have a prior invitation!” when asked to celebrations that make her uncomfortable.

This year, the invitation went out before we found out that my dear friend has some special dietary needs she is just figuring out. And, also a surprise to me, now she has a new-to-the-city roommate, who also has special dietary needs. The list of things the two need to avoid is rather daunting.

Know what, though? I don’t really care.

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Every year I do a post near Thanksgiving about things I’m grateful for. So, let’s do this!

1. Family. Without my family, I wouldn’t be the person I am or doing the things I do. To me, family is forever and everything to me. They make life worth living. They are a comfort in tough times, and those I celebrate good things with. I have the most amazing family, and every year, I give thanks for them and all they are to me. 

2. My job. Those of you who know me and what I do for a living are probably giggling. My job is at best, stressful; at worst, insanity. And this isn’t an exaggeration. It is by far the most demanding, difficult, insane job I’ve ever had. I’ve had people threaten to sue me, cuss me out, treat me like a moron, and threaten to kill me. (For reals). I’ve been at this particular place of employment for almost 15 years.


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Death Colds and the Remedy

I am sick, friends. My throat is sore, my voice occasionally meanders off, my ears feel like they might pop–the works. Just a cold, of course, which…why is that something people say? “Just” a cold? Sure, it probably won’t kill you, but you can throw medicine at it until the cows come home and it’ll do jacksquat and you just have to sit in your misery.

I can’t really take any medicine right now anyway. Just the occasional cough drop (read: fancy candy) and nose spray.

Hooray, nose sprays.

So, where’s the relief?

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Small World, Redux

Last week, KD wrote about being stuck in a small world and taking steps to get out of it – to “expand” as she put it. She’s working on not hiding, on being social, on trying new things. She’s exploring.

I’ve been feeling much the same – stuck in a rut, coasting along on habits, doing the same things because they’re easy – and I’d like to make a shift

On the other hand, maybe November, with winter lurking (hello, 5 PM sunsets), isn’t the best time for a Canadian to try to “expand”. I have another friend who declared she was taking this month to unplug from Facebook and look inward, to honour the night. But maybe there’s a way to do both.

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