Small World, Redux

Last week, KD wrote about being stuck in a small world and taking steps to get out of it – to “expand” as she put it. She’s working on not hiding, on being social, on trying new things. She’s exploring.

I’ve been feeling much the same – stuck in a rut, coasting along on habits, doing the same things because they’re easy – and I’d like to make a shift

On the other hand, maybe November, with winter lurking (hello, 5 PM sunsets), isn’t the best time for a Canadian to try to “expand”. I have another friend who declared she was taking this month to unplug from Facebook and look inward, to honour the night. But maybe there’s a way to do both.

Last week, I lucked into a pair of free concert tickets for a world music group called Sultans of String. It was the first time in ages that I’d had a date with my partner that didn’t involve food (often pretty basic food, eaten out of necessity on the way to somewhere else) or else a movie theatre or Netflix (much as I love moving pictures, they’re only one kind of date). It was also the first time in ages that I’d been to a concert, though I do get to experience live music regularly thanks to contra dance.

The following night was Halloween. We decorated, dressed up, had an introvert-friendly mini-party while handing out candy, and then went out to enjoy a street party.

Verdict: we need to do this kind of thing more often. And by “this kind of thing” I mean “anything not in our rut” and also “anything not involving the Internet”.

First up, we’re going to see a live production of Sherlock Holmes. It will be sadly lacking in Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, but should be a hoot anyway. And if not…hey, it’s still a new experience.

Now that gardening isn’t sucking up the weekends, we’ve also started baking again. I just bought my very first Georgette Heyer Regency romance novel (good for when the weather turns nasty, I reckon). And today I wore a really bold outfit to work and lived to tell the tale. (Not, er, risqué. Just boldly coloured.)

Here’s to making our worlds a little bit bigger.


  1. Sounds like an awesome idea! I need to do some of that, too.

  2. Thanks, Erin! Best of luck.

  3. ooh, bold colors! Go you!

    I am trying out scarves of late. I have a fondness for a pretty, ragged edge scarf, so I tend to collect them but not wear them. I’m trying to change that!

  4. Oh man, I do that with scarves too. >_> I love the idea of scarves!

  5. Sounds fun! It’s always good to try to spice things up a bit! (Although, there is something to be sad for some tea and a nice book too…)

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