End of Project Jitters

City of Hope and Ruin is out! Hooray! It’s out and it’s lovely and people have been so great about telling us how excited they are or how much they liked the book and we are very thankful for all you lovely people.

And now I am free! BWHAHAHA.

I mean, of course, there’s still lots to do on CoHaR. Marketing things, reviewers, guest posts and blog tours, the Goodreads giveaway which starts tomorrow, etc. We’ll be at it for months. But the frenetic pace of the past year, and specifically the last five months, is done with.


Of course, now that I find myself with freedom, I once again find myself confronted with a slew of options. What to work on now? Do I work on anything? Do I catch up on all the reading I didn’t do while ear-deep in revisions?

At the beginning of the year, I made myself a spreadsheet, and on said spreadsheet I made a list of all the writing projects I wanted to accomplish this year, as well as what I felt was a reasonable amount of time to expect them to be done, and which months would include what projects, etc.

Let me tell you how that’s gone thus far.

I had a bunch of “smaller” projects slated for January-March. Marketing tweaks, short projects, etc. Not one of them has gotten done.

I had that I’d finish the mostly finished draft of a different story March-May. In my infinite free time around revising, marketing, and publishing, I guess. Ahahahaha.

Now, in May, I’m supposed to have already started a four-month revision and rewrite which shall take me through the end of September. It’s like I’ve never revised a book before, honestly. I mean, yes, we did the CoHaR revision in four months but it was NOT FUN and there were TWO OF US and this other book is longer and probably more complicated in fun and hair-pulling ways.

And then, in theory, in September I will start a new book in Shards-verse, which will apparently only take me through November, leaving December free for unknown shenanigans.

So, while in retrospect I acknowledge that my plan was perhaps overambitious, at the same time I feel anxious that more things are not done on it. But also I kind of want to throw in the towel and just write picture-prompt short stories for a while.

…I suppose I could just revise my spreadsheet? That seems overly logical. Hm.

ANYWAY, I am free, there’s so much that could be done, read City of Hope and Ruin, and don’t let the ceiling turtles get you.


  1. but…but…revising the spreadsheet is CHEATING! …isn’t it?

  2. I know the feeling. I have a list of short projects I was supposed to work on between January and now, and not one has been done. Oh, wait, I did finish one but I didn’t revise it. Same difference, I guess. 😉 Sometimes I have a habit of being too overconfident in my abilities, and then nothing gets done and I feel like an unproductive lump. Never mind that I’m dealing with work stress and exhaustion and first drafting another novel and wrist tendonitis….It’s okay. Hugs. We’ll get there. Eventually. 😉

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