Walls Never Work

So a certain figure currently in the news keeps talking about building a wall. (Don’t worry, it’s just an oblique mention.)

Whenever I hear about it, I make the comment “Walls never work. Haven’t these people seen Pacific Rim?”

I mean, look.

Tonight I was reminded of this, as the “play pen” cage I’d purchased for kitten-containment was breached in less than half an hour. First they climbed it. I fortified it, making climbing impossible. So they jumped it. Two foot high pen, two month old kittens, and both were on top of it before I could even get it properly assembled!


It was supposed to be two layers of protection, so I could get through my door without endangering kittens. Here Sunset (inside, in no-cats-land) demonstrates its failure.

We’re fostering two kittens for the Humane Society. They get the kittens socialized and growing up in a home, not a shelter. We get two energetic and adorable furballs that we don’t have to pay to support get to give back when they grow up a bit more.

This is Sunset. The mighty hunter. Her royal highness.

Note the ejecta on the floor...

Note the ejecta on the floor…

“Your nightstand? I think you mean the royal bed.”

This is Stormy. AKA Flo-Jo and/or Usain Bolt, because this kitten is fast.


AKA Piranha, because if the food offered is not to her liking, she is quite willing to explore living food sources. After all, I don’t really need ten toes and ten fingers, do I?


Due to a lack of other options (I’m the only one with a vaguely clean bedroom, and the kittens have to be contained and kept away from our dog and cat), these babies are rooming with me.

Did you know kittens don’t really sleep at night?

Were you aware of the fact that kitten claws are really really pointy?

They destroy everything, or take it over and turn it into a toy.


Luckily, they are really really cute.


How could I deny them toes, or Kleenex boxes, or anything else their fluffy little hearts desire?

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