Just Keep Swimming

When Siri reminded me that it was my turn to blog today, my immediate thought was, Awww, I don’t want to do that!

I, like many people, am not in a good place today, and the thought of pulling out something reasonable just seems like too much. I make it a point to not be political on the Internet, so today has been hard, and I’d actually told myself I was just going to not touch the Internet at all.

But alas, responsibility, so here we are.

It’s easy to assume the worst, but we don’t know what’s coming in the days ahead. Worrying about it is unproductive. We just have to trust ourselves to do what is right when the time comes, and hope that others do as well.

(I mean, that might be a bad hope, seeing the situation we find ourselves in, but what else can you do?)

My coping mechanism for the day is just to keep busy. There’s a ton of things I need to work on, not least of which is finishing up the final touches on To Rule the Stars, which will be out next Tuesday the 15th. If you haven’t seen our awesome cover, take a look at Siri’s post from last week.

I’ve also got to do the business end of the aftermath of our weekend at MileHiCon. Alas, taxes and whatnot. I probably should also do some related networking, decide on our plans for next year, and look at inventory. All very exciting. But still better than dwelling!

That’s just the TDP things I need to be on top of. I’ve also got my contract work, a freelance client, some submission stuff to do for one story and revision stuff for another… I’ll be able to keep myself distracted until the hurt isn’t so fresh, easy peasy.

Any tips for working through crushing disappointment?

(Let’s try to leave the politics out of the comments as well. Things are bad enough without dwelling on them or fighting about them.)


  1. Yeah. Just keep swimming, here too.


  2. Keeping swimming here as well.

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