Re-centering With Consistency

So, over at my blog, I’ve been doing some nonfiction series with the thought that the posts will be expanded into a series of books. (Well, actually, I plotted out the books two years ago–writing them has been another story, of course.) The most recent series has been about using consistency to build a writing habit, and, oddly enough, writing the series has done a huge amount to remind me how things are supposed to go.

So it’s been helpful for everyone! Yay me.

I think it’s easy to let your good habits falter without realizing you’re doing so. I think this can be especially true for writers because every step of the process and even every story works a bit differently, so it’s not a steady habit like “work out first thing when I get up” or “drink a glass of water with every meal.”

When I planned my series, I picked topics I felt I understood, that I felt I could help people with, so writing the consistency section has been an eye-opener, because despite my best intentions, I’ve let my consistency go lately as well.

So it’s been an exercise in practice what you preach. I’ve set myself some triggers (i.e., actions that symbolize it’s time to write) and have picked a daily time (first thing in the morning, getting up a little earlier) and it’s working really well for me. I’m finally making the progress that had been eluding me the past few months.

And I would have given you a lot of answers for why I wasn’t getting anywhere, but I’m not sure looking at how and when I write would have been on any of them.

So! Have you been trouble with something lately? Maybe you need to re-center too, look at how you’re doing it and if it would work better with just a little bit of tweaking.

(And you can read the consistency series over on my blog, if you’d like.)


  1. Consistency is soooo important. I am happy you’re making progress! After Ever Touched is released, I will be taking steps to re-center myself. Hoping to get more consistency as well.

  2. Timely post for me, too, Kit–thanks! How interesting that blogging is helping you with your own writing practice. Heading over now to check out the series…

  3. You got all three of us. I have a heck of a time because I deal with stuff all day and then come home and no matter what, I’ve heard some news by then, and I’m just useless the rest of the night. I’m going to try the getting up early to write! (again)

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