I Miss My Kitchen

Oh, friends. I have no kitchen. I have not had one for slightly over a month, and it is terrible.

(I am also aware that this is such a first world problem. I have had to wash the dishes BY HAND OH NO)

(But seriously, I hate doing the dishes even under ideal circumstances so this has been hell.)

We live in an early ’80s house, which is an interesting period architecturally in that it lacks the vintage chicness of older houses and the mod openness of newer houses. Also, sometimes they put carpet in bathrooms, because that makes logical sense somehow.

In an attempt to improve Feng shui or whatever, the previous owners of the house essentially removed all the cabinets from the kitchen. I mean, they were hideous; we saw another house of the same floorplan that had left them in. They stretched the entire length of the kitchen, leaving a weird foot-and-a-half gap between cabinet and counter where you could kind of see into the family room.

So removing the cabinets was a definite improvement, Feng shui wise. From a functional kitchen standpoint, it was less than ideal. So, for six years, we have had a single cabinet to store all our dishes, and apparently this was slowly driving my husband mad.

And now this madness has resulted in the complete redoing of the kitchen. And I do mean complete. We tore out the floor. The walls. The ridiculous drop ceiling. The wiring. The lights. The plumbing. It was barely a room.

But I can see the end now, my friends. The new walls (expanded for more cabinets), floors, ceiling, and lights are in. The new cabinets are in. Even the microwave has been attached (though it brings down the whole aesthetic because it is covered in fingerprints from the children when it was down in their range).

Sooooooon, soooon I shall have my appliances back.

And I’m going to make someone else do the dishes.


  1. Sounds like you’ll have a really lovely kitchen, just in time to keep *you* from going mad!

    (I do not have a dishwasher, so no sympathy there. 😛 Currently our water pressure is too low, so that has to be fixed first, and then I have to convince my husband that one or both of our 80s-era kitchens needs a remodel. Unlike yours, mine thinks everything is fine as is.)

  2. We have a dishwater, but I still wash all my dishes by hand b/c it’s become a habit after not having a dishwater for years.

    Sounds like a big job, but will be worth it in the end, I think. 😀

  3. And wow, holy typo, batman — that’s supposed to be DISHWASHER. Ugh, typos.

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