Adventures in Pencil

Hello! So, last month I talked about the drawing class I was taking. It’s over now, and I enjoyed it, though it wasn’t quite what I wanted, if such a thing even exists.

But I thought I’d share the end results with you.

Here’s our main project, the Escher hand:

You can see the remains of the grid. And my “interesting” shading. I was much faster than everyone else (probably because I couldn’t be bothered to be accurate with my shading) so I finished this after three classes.

The last class, one of the other people had also finished his drawing (he was working on it at home! lucky bastard has grown children who do not live at home) so he brought along a picture of some aspens he’d taken. We used the grid method on it again.

This took me about 3/4 of the class. Notice, again, my lack of patience with a gazillion little details and the switch to being more stylistic than realistic. (Though I do like the end product.)

And then, because I figured I should probably draw in drawing class, I found a photo of a grumpy owl on the Internet and started drawing that. (Without a grid, though.)

Didn’t get terribly far, obviously, and haven’t worked on it since. I ran into another woman from the drawing class the day after the last class and she asked if I’d finished it yet. >_>

My mother was thrilled that I was taking a drawing class and offloaded a bunch of drawing supplies on me last week (my mother is a bit of a craft supply hoarder). I ended up with three books about drawing, several pencils, an eraser, and some other stuff that I don’t even remember. It’s all still in my car. <_<

Anyway, I did enjoy my drawing class. It was very relaxing, if nothing else. And perhaps some day soon I shall be able to draw or do anything involving paper around the house without living in constant fear of the small, mobiles ones, who draw on anything they can get their hands on. On one hand, hooray! They are showing creative tendencies. On the other hand, I cannot ever read my shopping or to-do lists. Who know what has been lost to the scribbles.

Do you like to draw? Can you get it done around your home life?


  1. Yes, and no.

    Once I decided that I would just practice, every day. I’d watch video tutorials or read books if I wanted, but mostly I’d just practice. Every day.

    I think it lasted a week. >.< I like your owl!

  2. I’ve never been very good at drawing, alas. Photography’s more my thing.

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