Never Turn Your Back on a Campbell

Yesterday, my husband and I attended the local Scottish Festival and Highland Games.  This was a third – twice, out in California, we attended the big one at Pleasanton.  We both have Clan Campbell shirts – everyone in California had a clan shirt (in comparison, we were the only ones who had them here, and had several people ask where we’d gotten them).

While on the bus, I had a woman sit in front of me, take one look at my shirt, and say “Oh no, I’ve got my back to a Campbell!”


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Market Choice

I find myself in an interesting position now, and I suspect my Turtleduck compatriots are feeling much the same.

Never before have I really thought about where a story will end up while I’m still in the planning or writing stages of a project.  It’s always been “I’ll write this, and worry about what I’m going to do with it later.”


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Who is Kit Campbell?

Kit Campbell used to be an aerospace engineer, but it turns out that there’s a lot less launching of awesome things into space and a lot more paperwork than one would think. She figured that if she was going to be dealing with all that paper anyway, she would rather work on her own projects instead.

Kit writes science fiction, fantasy, and related speculative fiction when she’s not terrorizing the Internet with landsquid and folding plesiosaurs. Which she often is. The Internet deserves it.

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