Winter’s Night

Winter's night ebook cover

Edited by Siri Paulson

With works by Kit Campbell, Siri Paulson, KD Sarge, and Erin Zarro.

A Marine on leave.

A heartfelt rondeau.

An Inuit on the edge.

A dreamer on a quest.

What do they all have in common? They’re in the Turtleduck Press anthology Winter’s Night. Created as a sampling of our work, the anthology benefits UNICEF.

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Without Wings

This chapbook of poetry explores the dark side of love — what happens after the happily ever after. It is Erin Zarro’s second poetry chapbook from Turtleduck Press, following the release of Life as a Moving Target in December 2010.

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Life as a Moving Target

book cover



Life as a Moving Target is a poetry chapbook that explores living with fibromyalgia and intractable vertigo, from onset of symptoms to getting a diagnosis. Also the aftermath, learning to cope and manage the condition. Poems of hope, courage, and strength of spirit.

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