Sneak Peek of Grave Touched

Erin here. I wanted to give you a sneak peek of Grave Touched, book 2 of my Fey Touched series, releasing May 1st from Turtleduck Press. Not long now! (Also? Fey Touched, book 1, is on sale for $.99 right now. Check it out if you want to catch up!)


Whispers. A flicker of thought.

My eyes wouldn’t open. Panic sliced through me.

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out.

“It’s okay, Em. You’re okay,” a familiar male voice said. A hand stroked my brow. Nick? Was Nick here? My beloved Nick could always soothe me, keep me from the edge.

“Em…you’re really here,” Nick said softly. “You’re alive.”

Alive? Of course I was alive.

I opened my eyes, wincing.

A tall human woman watched me with gray eyes that I was sure peeled layers off of me. “Emily, I’m Doctor Lucia Jonath. You’ve been under my care for a few weeks now because you were in an accident.”

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